Qt OpenSource

Qt OpenSource 4.8

Developer Nokia

Qt OpenSource let you create rich, touch enabled UIs and applications quickly.

Video Snapshots Genius

Video Snapshots Genius 3.0

Developer Lonking Software, LLC

This program will help you capture pictures from videos.


GVC 2008.5

Developer Tony George

GVC is a free GUI for windows written for the FFMPEG video converter.


Gnaural 1.0

Developer Bret Logan

An opensource binaural-beat generator released under the GNU.


Opensource Snapshots From

XMIX Player

XMIX Player 1.4

Developer XMIX Project

It's goal is to provide an easy access to audio ressources.

OrangeHRM - Opensource HR management

OrangeHRM - Opensource HR management 3.3

Developer OrangeHRM Inc.


VisTrails 1.6

Developer Vistrrails

VisTrails is an opensource scientific workflow and provenance management system.

Robust.ws Video Decompiler

Robust.ws Video Decompiler 1.0

Developer ROBUST

Video Decompiler is a tool used for capturing snapshots from your video files.

OpenSource Flash

OpenSource Flash 6.0

Developer Microsoft

4st Attack

4st Attack 2.0

Developer ForcedAttack

4st Attack is a game in which you have to try to out-smart your opponent.

OpenSource Flash Video Splitter

OpenSource Flash Video Splitter 3.1

Developer Jean Piquemal

OpenSource MP4 Splitter

OpenSource MP4 Splitter 0.3

Developer Kingfoxsoft

AudioShareware.com Video Decompiler

AudioShareware.com Video Decompiler 1.0


Greatest tools ever used for capturing snapshots from your video files.

CryptoCloud Client

CryptoCloud Client 3.1

Developer CryptoCloud

Cryptocloud employs robust, opensource security technology.


Opensource Snapshots From

DownloadUpload.com Video Decompiler

DownloadUpload.com Video Decompiler 2.0

Developer DownloadUpload.com

You can use Video Decompiler for capturing snapshots from your video files.

AudioTools.ws Video Decompiler

AudioTools.ws Video Decompiler 1.0

Developer audiotools.ws

With this program you can capture snapshots from your video files.

OSD hot keys

OSD hot keys 2.0

Developer romeosa

Is a simple program to show what you are typing on your keyboard and mouse.


DocBackup 6.6

Developer jacopsd

Doc Backup is a backup application to backup your important documents.

MyDbf Studio

MyDbf Studio

Developer Calogiuri Enzo Antonio

MyDbf Studio is a multiplatform opensource program.

ESFTP.com Video Decompiler

ESFTP.com Video Decompiler 1.0

Developer ESFTP , LLC.

Video Decompiler is a tool used for capturing snapshots from your video files.

igloo opensource

igloo opensource 5.0

Developer iglooyha

It is designed for easily publishing ISIS database to the web.

Video Booth

Video Booth 2.7

Developer Video Booth

It allows you to make funny snapshots and videos using your webcam.

FlashDepo.com Video Decompiler

FlashDepo.com Video Decompiler 1.0

Developer FlashDepo.com

This is a program used for capturing snapshots from your video files.

Simple DBF Browser

Simple DBF Browser 1.0

Developer Mondial Teknologi Solusi, PT

This is a free and opensource application to view the content.

TrackZapper.com Video Decompiler

TrackZapper.com Video Decompiler 1.0


Video Decompiler is used for capturing snapshots from your video files.